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Berossos - Księga Pierwsza

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PostWysłany: Pią 10:45, 01 Cze 2018    Temat postu: Berossos - Księga Pierwsza

Berossos - Księga Pierwsza

(Numer akapitu. Numer zdania.)

1.1. Before the well-known disaster by which the whole world perished beneath the waters, many centuries had elapsed, the records of which have been faithfully preserved by our Chaldeans. According to their writings, there lived in those days a race of giants, in a city of great size, called Enos near Mount Lebanon, which was the seat of empire over the whole world, from the rising of the sun to its setting.
1.2. Trusting in their strength and colossal size, these giants made themselves weapons, and oppressed their neighbors all around. Wholly given up to a life of indulgence, they invented tents, instruments of music, and everything which contributes to pleasure.

2.1. They were cannibals.
2.2. And they procured abortions and made them into food; and had sexual congress with their mothers, daughters, sisters, males and beasts.
2.3. There was no crime which they did not habitually commit, in their reckless contempt both of gods and men.

3.1. In those days a great number of prophets announced the impending destruction of the world, and engraved their prophecies on stones; but the giants, hardened as they were in their sinful habits, laughed at the prophets’ threats, at the very time when the wrath and vengeance of Heaven were on the point of punishing their impious atrocities.

4.1. In Syria there was a giant whose name was Noa, the most righteous and the wisest man in Syria of those who had not abandoned the paths of virtue.
4.2. He had three sons, Shem, Japhet, and Ham.
4.3. Their wives were Tytea the Great, Pandora, Noela and Noegla.

5.1. Warned by the stars of the catastrophe which threatened the world, seventy-eight years before the time predicted for the inundation, Noa began to make a covered ship, in the form of a coffer or ark.
5.2. Seventy-eight years after he began to build it, the sea rose suddenly above its ordinary level; all the inland seas, the rivers and springs, bursting through their usual barriers, raised the waters till they covered the mountains; unusual rains added to the calamity, rains which for a number of days fell in impetuous torrents and supernaturally flooding abundance.
5.3. Thus, the whole of the human race perished, drowned by the waters, with the exception of Noa and his family; these were saved in the ark he had built.
5.4. Carried by the waves to the summit of Mount Gordieus, the ark rested there.
5.5. Some of its remains, it is said, may still be traced, and men go to the spot for the sake of the pitch which they use principally in their expiatory rites.

6.1. Commencing their narrative at this period, in the year when the human race was saved from the waters, our ancestors wrote innumerable volumes.
6.2. It is our intention to condense their lengthy records, and merely to mention the origin and the names of the kings of such empires as are to this day considered to be amongst the greatest.
6.3. The first and most glorious of all empires is our empire of Babylon in Asia.
6.4. In Africa, the Egyptian empire and that of Libya were at first united in one, and were obedient to one sovereign.
6.5. Our ancestors counted four empires in Europe, the empire of the Celtiberi, that of the Celts, that of Kytim (a country which by its natives is called Italy), and that of the Thuyscones which extends from the Rhine through the country of the Sarmatians to the sea.
6.6. Some authors add a fifth, which they call the Ionic Empire.
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PostWysłany: Nie 10:46, 10 Cze 2018    Temat postu:

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