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Berossos - Księga Czwarta.

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PostWysłany: Pią 12:08, 01 Cze 2018    Temat postu: Berossos - Księga Czwarta.

Berossos - Księga Czwarta.


1.1. The human race had multiplied prodigiously; it became necessary that men should seek for new settlements.
1.2. Janus the father of men accordingly advised the heads of families to seek new homes, to live in societies amongst men, and to build cities.

2.1. He taught them that the world was divided into three parts, Asia, Africa, and Europe, just as he had known it before the Deluge.
2.2. He assigned to each head of a family the country to which he was to proceed, and promised that he would himself take colonies into the whole world.

3.1. Accordingly he created Nymbrotus the first Saturn of Babylonia, in order that he first might go and build a city in that region.
3.2. By the act of adopting Jupiter Belus as a son, along with the colonies, Nymbrotus obtained by stealth things which fell within the sacred preserve of Jupiter Saga.

4.1. Nymbrotus came with all his people into the plains of Sennaar; there he marked out a site for a city, and laid the foundations for a tower of great height in the hundred and thirty-first year after the human race had escaped from the plague of waters.

5.1. He reigned fifty-six years.
5.2. It was his wish that the tower which he was about to build should equal the mountains in size and height, in order that it might be a sign and a monument of the superiority of the Babylonian people over every other people, and of the right which it possessed to be called the kingdom of all kingdoms.
5.3. I shall therefore begin my history with an account of that empire, and mention, as I proceed, the years in which its several princes successively reigned; thus we shall be able to establish a parallel between the history of this and the history of the other empires, their annals and the names of their rulers.

6.1. In the 131st year after the disappearance of the waters, our nation and our Babylonian city, the first of nations and the first of cities, were thoroughly constituted and founded by our Babylonian Saturn.
6.2. The posterity of our ancestors multiplied enormously.
6.3. Our Saturn did not seek to secure opulence so much as religion and peace.
6.4. He built the tower, but did not finish it; and he did not build the city of which he had marked out the site, because, after he had reigned fifty-six years, he was never seen again upon the earth; he had been removed from it by the gods.

7.1. During the early part of the reign of Nymbrotus, Janus sent colonies into Egypt, under the command of Chemesenuus; into Libya and Cyrene, under the command of Triton; and into the rest of Africa, under the command of Japetus, the old Atalaa.

8.1. Into Eastern Asia he sent Ganges with some of the descendants of Comerus-Gallus, and into Arabia Felix he sent Saba, surnamed Thurifer, or incense-bearer.
8.2. He gave the sovereignty over Arabia Deserta to Arabus, and over Arabia Petraea to Petreius.
8.3. Cana was governor of the country from Damascus to the extremity of Palestine.

9.1. In Europe, Thuyscon reigned from the Tanais to the Rhine by command of Janus, who joined to him the sons of Ister and Moesa with all his brothers.
9.2. Their rule extended from Mount Adula to the southern region which borders on the sea.
9.3. Under them were Tyras, Arcadius, and Aemathius.
9.4. Comerus Gallus settled in Italy; Samotes governed the Celts, and Jubal the Celtiberians.

10.1. Such are the people who, after Nymbrotus, came out of Armenia with their families, and the colonies which were destined to follow them.
10.2. Each of the chiefs gave his name to the country in which he settled, in memory of the expedition with which Janus had entrusted them, and as a monument which in after ages would remind each nation of its original founder.
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PostWysłany: Pią 12:10, 01 Cze 2018    Temat postu:

11.1. By order of Janus, all these chiefs raised a tower or fortress, to serve as a metropolis for their colony. As to the people themselves, they lived in caverns or in chariots.

12.1. Our Saturn was the only one who exceeded the commands of Janus, because his great wish was that Babylon should be the city of cities, and the kingdom of kingdoms.

13.1. In those days, after the departure of the heads of families whom he had sent out to found colonies, Janus divided the men who remained into two portions; for he had kept at home with himself several sons who were born after the human race had been saved from the waters of the Deluge, and besides these, a great number of families whom he intended to lead himself into various distant colonies.

14.1. Scytha, with his mother Araxa, and some colonists especially selected to settle in Armenia, were left in that country, and Scytha was the first to bear the title of king.

15.1. Sabatius Saga was appointed Sovereign Pontiff in the region which extends from Armenia to Bactria, and which is still called Scythia Saga.
15.2. Last of all, Janus left Armenia to plant colonies all over the world.

16.1. Such are the facts which our ancestors have handed down to us in a great number of books.
16.2. We will now proceed to the recital of their annals and those of their descendants, following the accounts which are carefully and correctly reported in our Chaldean and in our early Scythian histories.
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PostWysłany: Nie 10:45, 10 Cze 2018    Temat postu:

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